God’s Own Country: A Tender Triumph [SPOILERS]

In the Yorkshire Pennines, gloomy spring fog rolling against vast fields of farmland, isolation and a one-way path go hand in hand for Johnny Saxby (Josh O’Connor). The pressure of familial expectations to bear the weight of the farm responsibility is numbed with alcohol and emotionless sex, putting his feelings and desires at arms length... Continue Reading →


Queer in High School: My Experience

Schools are meant to be places of education, where you grow from a young, inexperienced child into a more mature teenager with a broader knowledge of the world around you as you tuck qualifications under your belt and prepare for a future, however solid or unpredictable it might be. For me, school was a place... Continue Reading →

My Names, My Choice

Hi, I'm John. Hi, I'm also Lana. Hi, it's nothing to do with you. My parents - my dad, especially - picked the name 'Lana' for me after a song of the same name. And guess what? I love that name! It's my name, just like John is my name! Crazy! I haven't always loved... Continue Reading →

I Volunteer At A Cemetery

The immediate response when I tell people where I volunteer is usually, "So you like, look at dead bodies and stuff?" and the answer is: No, I don't. Nobody in our voluntary group does; that's the job of morgues, funeral homes, and crematoriums. I can understand why you'd jump to that conclusion, though. It's quite... Continue Reading →

My Sexuality and Labels

Recently, I've been thinking about my sexuality a lot. For years I identified as pansexual. Then I switched to using bisexual, feeling it fit my situation better. I'm now in a position where I feel like either of those labels could comfortably fit how I feel, being attracted to cis, trans, and gender non-conforming people... Continue Reading →

Who We Really Are Matters

After seven years of tension and desperately unspoken feelings, the build-up of Sherlock and John's relationship in BBC Sherlock culminated in John living alone with his daughter, wearing the wedding ring of his dead wife who shot his best friend (the same best friend John previously blamed and beat bloody), and occasionally dropping by Baker... Continue Reading →

On Representation Within Comedy

Recently I've been preoccupied with how emotion is often discredited when it resides within comedy. Characters often have their feelings and identities dismissed and laughed at like they're part of the punchline even when this isn't the case at all. I want to focus on LGBTQIA+ representation within comedies and how easy it is to... Continue Reading →

Ingenious Idiots: Yons To Watch

Pictured (left to right): Larry Rickard, Jim Howick, Mat Baynton, Ben Willbond, Martha Howe-Douglas, and Simon Farnaby. Comedy comes in many forms, but my favourite form is created by the melding minds of Mat Baynton, Jim Howick, Larry Rickard, Ben Willbond, Martha Howe-Douglas, and Simon Farnaby, more commonly known as the cast of the fantastic... Continue Reading →

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