Malec: Important & Healthy Representation

Magnus and Alec are so healthy and so important and I can hardly believe it.

You take this bisexual, Asian warlock, powerful and haunted by centuries of hardships and heartbreak, and you take a young, gay man with the weight of his world on his shoulders who bravely chose to carve his own path rather than follow the one expected…

And they make magic.

When Magnus relived his worst memory and recounted it to Alec, tears on his cheeks, his boyfriend cradled his face and told him, “There’s nothing ugly about you,” before he pulled him into a reassuring hug. When Magnus revealed his cat eyes, the demon mark of his magic, Alec returned his welcoming palm to his boyfriend’s cheek and reminded him of his beauty. “They’re beautiful, you’re beautiful,” he said, and it was breath-taking to see such an earnest display of affection and unwavering acceptance from one queer character to another, especially during such an important moment of their relationship.

When Alec pushed Magnus away, it didn’t take him long to apologise, to seek him out and make amends. Magnus was understanding, forgiving, and asked that Alec not push him away when things got crazy. When Alec’s guilt was eating him alive, Magnus was there to catch and console him, telling Alec that he’d blow up the ground he walked on to make something right. He talked to him about pain, how hurting himself wouldn’t stop the agony in his heart.

For a brief moment Alec was met with terror at the idea of Magnus meeting his end, but they reunited with requited “I love you”s and faces buried in each other’s shoulders. Even when things were strained between them, Magnus didn’t hesitate to be there for Alec when his brother, Max, was hurt. He remained even after Alec dropped his hands and retreated, and when the Institute alarm was sounded, Magnus immediately rushed to Max’s room to keep him protected and safe. Through it all, they were loyal.

These two men are kind, honest, caring, loving, trusting. They’re strong individually but united they are unbeatable and resilient in the face of everything trying to pry them apart. They’re apologetic, compassionate, understanding, soft. They giggle between kisses, openly compliment each other’s beauty, rest their foreheads together and hold each other’s hands. They flirt over a pool table, kiss on a hotel terrace, shop together and get lunch. They love and love and love, all while growing together as people, always learning, always trying, and always ready to soften each blow from life and chase away each other’s demons with tender truths and the safe haven of an embrace.

These two incredible characters push and pull together so wonderfully and even the bad times, the angst, the misunderstandings and the pain, is all done in a way that is raw and understandable. It’s not just for the sake of it; it’s for the sake of them always finding their way back to each other, for the sake of building up trust rather than walls. Minor slips and falters will only lead to a bond forged with absolute, sincere faith.

A union only soulmates could hope for.

They’re leaders in their own right with responsibilities they have to learn to manage alongside being lovers, but they’re endgame and they’ll always fight for what is right, what is just, and what is best. Together.

Malec’s arc has been incredible to watch, rewarding and euphoric and everything that fleshed-out, balanced representation should be. It’s by far the healthiest and strongest relationship on the entire show and I absolutely cannot wait to see where it goes next.

Of course alongside Malec, there’s lots more to enjoy. There’s strong, wondrous Downworlders like Maia, Luke, Simon, Raphael, Meliorn, Dorothea, Madzie. There’s also the sibling bond between Alec, Izzy, and Jace. I hope anyone sleeping on this show reconsiders and gives it a chance because it might just become your new favourite.

It’s certainly become mine.


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