Me and The Blog

I’m John, your local nb trans queer!

21, 5’3″, natural ginger, chronically asthmatic and lactose intolerant. Hi.

Basically this is my space to talk about shit that makes me happy, stuff I do, media I consume, and other stuff. Anything I want really. Wow. Groundbreaking, I know.

Speaking of shit that makes me happy: I’m at my top tier levels of joy when I’m thinking about or petting dogs, hanging out with my best friends, or listening to 80s music. I also volunteer, make art, play video games, write stuff. Spooky shit peaks my interest, I’m a taphophile, and I think the universe is equally intriguing as it is terrifying. The usual.

That’s about it I guess? I hope you enjoy the things I have to say!


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